15 JULY, 2022 – 04 SEPTEMBER, 2022

Cece Philips interweaves past and present influences to create a series of fragmented stories: successes, hidden encounters, windows to isolated moments. Drawing on a range of sources, from archived newspaper clippings to popular culture, her figures are positioned as noble as opposed to beautified..

On view from  15 July 2022 – 04 September 2022, Cece Philips, a self-taught visual artist based in London, presents a selection of new canvas works inspired by The Blue Hour: the ambiguous time of day between dusk and dawn. Between the Dog and the Wolf explores the dichotomy between the known and unknown, real and unreal and the process of joining two polarizing notions which can momentarily disorient our senses.

Between the Dog and the Wolf or inter canem et lupum is a literal translation of the French expression: Entre Chien et Loup – The Blue Hour. It is understood to be a magical, occasionally ominous time of day, where one cannot tell the difference between what they see and what they think they see.

Taking this notion of folklore and an altered state of consciousness, Philips encapsulates her own interpretations of ambiguity through enigmatic themes and visuals. The exhibition features mystical paintings of architecture and interiors, landscapes and objects seemingly absorbed into the dark tones of the background.

The emotive canvases not only focus on the individuals that dominate the paintings but explore basic natural phenomena such as light and darkness and metaphorical themes, amidst dreamy shades of yellows and blue hues prevalent in all her works. Viewers are confronted with evocative colours and moody images with a hint of lightheartedness and playfulness.

The oil paintings reflect her appreciation for the smooth effect and the rich color the pigment renders, and the freedom to recreate any surface or texture of her choice.

Philip’s figures are inspired by archival photographs and materials which she uses as a point of departure to create reimagined narratives of anonymous persons. The artist’s female figures are an attempt to communicate her own exploration on the meaning of womanhood, placing emphasis on attire, body language and colours. The characters display an inner strength, which draws viewers in, resulting in vivid and captivating storytelling. Through non-verbal signals, her figures, subtly point at comfort and fear, female rage, madness and internal emotions that are at the verge of bursting out from the canvas.